radioWelcome to Sound Diet Radio.

Sound Diet Radio is where you find recorded episodes of Laurie Stanton’s Sound Diet, a live show recorded in New York City at Magnet Theater.  The long-running show is inspired equally by the dark, unfriendly and morally ambiguous honesty of radio pioneer Joe Frank, and the pleasant, nostalgic humility and foot-stomping fun of Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion. How can one show capture this?  It can’t.  And this show doesn’t. It’s something else, sucking life from these roots, while still becoming its own unlikely tree.

Sound Diet is hosted by Laurie Stanton, a New York City Librarian who brings us scenes filled with unique contradictions, complicated characters, incisive playfulness, and humor.  Musical guests range from famous to obscure,  performing live onstage.

The acting ensemble comes from stage, screen and television, joining several times a year to make the sold out crowd laugh, shift uncomfortably as they examine their lives in a new way, and finish their beer.  But mostly laugh and drink.

Laurie Stanton’s Sound Diet is a co-production with Sound Diet Productions and Magnet Theater.

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